‘Twas the night before the launch…

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….and I couldn’t wait any longer!

I’m desperate to tell you all that I have planned for the big event. A few treats and a few surprises, that’s for sure. Each of my children has a unique role to play. Everything is planned as usual to the smallest detail in my head – and there it will have to remain for now.

I’m currently sitting looking out of the window at a damp, cold evening, hoping for a miracle tomorrow – and wondering how to wrap up warm and retain the sophisticated chic look I am aiming for. Me? Sophisticated chic? I know, the summer has transformed me into a new being!

And the party itself is only the icing on the cake actually – the thought that tomorrow evening, numerous copies of my novel will be out there, being read and evaluated….wow! how exciting and how terrifying! Fortunately I have spent the summer developing a thick skin. I have been imagining some of the feedback I may receive and working out how to respond. I want to be able to take criticism graciously and in good humour. I know – that will be a first. See, the summer really has worked its magic.

So bring it on. This is another stage in this great adventure and I’m loving it.

Hope you do too,