embrace by Helen Redfern

‘So this was it.

Her thirtieth birthday.

Wow. For Kristina, reaching thirty feels like an achievement. With a gorgeous boyfriend, an amazing job in Antwerp and great friends, life could not be better. Or so she keeps telling herself.

When her twin brother D doesn’t answer his phone, everything changes. Kristina should have seen it coming. Maybe she’s got it all wrong. Maybe there is more to life than this. As she slowly learns what it really means to embrace life, creativity and individuality rise up from deep within.

Life is good until once more, too much is wrenched away from her. Will she ever be able to find a way to live and love again? Kristina’s story is uniquely her own, and yet it is a universal tale.

A journey of life-changing encounters, moments of clarity, uncontrollable events that should never be allowed to happen, crushing grief, resilient hope and a thousand tiny ways to be real.

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