Secrets Such As These

Amy has long since given up trying to understand why someone like Joanna would want to be her friend. Joanna seems to be the perfect wife and mother, living out her carefully constructed life in an organised, efficient and consistent manner, whereas Amy is simply more average. A familiar mother-of-two, with a shabby wardrobe, a ‘lived-in’ home and a cupboard full of self-esteem issues.

However, all is not as it seems. Joanna has a special place reserved for unacceptable emotions and sinister secrets. While Amy is struggling to complete a Psychology assignment on identity, Joanna keeps her identity firmly
bound up in convention and routine – or so she believes. Gradually, the lines between reality and fantasy begin to become more blurred. Joanna’s life is unravelling before her eyes, but the biggest surprise of all is to come from her dear friend Amy.

How will Joanna now respond?

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2 thoughts on “Secrets Such As These

  1. Really looking forward to your book launch, and cant wait to read the book, I’m sure it will be a very good read x

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