Shiny confetti and purple nail varnish…

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So it’s five days since my book launch and all that remains are the tiny shiny coloured champagnes glasses that I am still hoovering up every single day. The purple nail varnish that I did not have time to apply until two days after the event is now chipped and I thrust my hands into my pockets in shame every time I leave the house. I am Amy – see page 7, Secrets Such As These.

It was such a great night, surrounded by family and friends from all different parts of my life. Everyone pleased to see each other after a summer apart. Everyone impressed with my new dress. Everyone proud of me and my novel. It passed in a blur, actually, only in part due to the summer punch! I was so happy – this was my celebration for finishing the book back in July, for all the hard work involved in getting it printed, for the long list of jobs completed in getting the studio finished….

…so thanks to everyone who came for making it such a good evening. Now people are reading my book, enjoying my book, giving me feedback on my book! It’s insane! As was the whole signing thing – wonder if I will ever get used to that or whether everyone who signs their books feels as awkward as I did and just hides it well…….


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